A big deal for little voices.

We are closing in December 2021. Thanks for eight years of amazing memories!

Imagine how empowering it would be for your child to be able to stand up on stage, sit down in an interview, or speak in front of class and truly feel confident, as they captivate their audience with their clear, expressive voice.

Our passion is to develop that skill in your child; a skill that will be with them for life. Viva’s voice and drama classes are about teaching your child how to use their own authentic voice to its full potential.

We work with your child in a fun and personalised program, to develop each young voice into a confident, expressive and strong presence.

Viva Voice is a creative hub of voice, acting and drama, where young people are supported to build confidence, and express themselves clearly, confidently and creatively.

Explore our voice and drama classes for kids, which take place at our studio in Sydney’s Inner West, to find a class or holiday workshop perfect for your child.

Get in touch with the studio by phoning 02 8040 1902.

Acclaimed teachers for your child

Amy Hume

Tricia Morosin


Heaven Campbell

Jasmin Certoma

Gemma Clinch

As a verified creative-making studio, we happily accept Creative Kids vouchers.

We believe every child is inherently creative. Voice and drama classes tap into that innate ability and allow children to express their creativity in a way so confident and free that you’ll wonder how YOU can harness some of that energy!

“Amy and her team are so passionate about what they do and care so much about their students and really focus on developing their confidence and skills. I have seen such a change in my girls’ presentation styles and confidence since starting at Viva Voice and look forward to watching them develop further.”

Suzanna, parent of Viva Voice students Antonia and Anabel