The end of an era ✨

For eight years Viva Voice has welcomed students from across Sydney to develop their voice, communication and acting skills. Students have travelled from as far as Wagga Wagga and Rockhampton to learn from our tutors and be part of our incredible community. Change is coming…

Be part of history with Aus Kid Talk

Did you know the Australian accent is in a constant evolution and that dialect changes begin with children?

The Australian accent as we know it today began with the children of the First Fleet. It’s heavily influenced by English and Irish accents of the 17th Century, but it’s been on a huge journey since then!

An end-of-year celebration like never before!

Last weekend we gathered as an online community to celebrate the incredible efforts and achievements of students this year, and reflect on the wild ride of 2020 at Viva Voice!

How to make a good first impression

Being able to make a strong first impression puts young people on the right foot for entering the big wide world of job interviews, networking, building relationships and taking on leadership roles.

Our very special online Term 3 Recital!

Our Term 3 curriculum was re-imagined this year as we contemplated what the focus areas needed to be after emerging from a period of learning at home in Term 2, and all the learning will be on display in our very special online Term 3 Recital!

Look at Moi – The beauty of eye contact

We’re back in the studio and I’m able to look my students in the eye. What a seemingly simple gift that I will never take for granted again!

From a young age, humans are drawn to each other’s eyes. Scientists have found that babies follow adults eyes rather than just their head movement. Eye contact is in our DNA!

Physical distance, social connection: Our collaboration with Mumbai, India

This week we’re launching the Fable Street Project – a collaboration with a speech and drama institute in Mumbai, India!

Congratulations to our Online Eisteddfod participants!

I think we can all agree 2020 has been a rather upside-down year. As a teacher, it’s certainly provided some challenges, as well as some totally unexpected opportunities.

Farewell Kristin Linklater

Last week, the voice community farewelled a leader in our field: my teacher, mentor and much-admired colleague, Kristin Linklater. Kristin passed away on 5 June, age 84, at her home in Orkney, having left a profound impact on voice teaching and actor training across the world. I first came across Kristin’s work when I was […]

What we’ve learnt from going online

We’re all locked up to some degree at the moment. Even though the official ‘lockdown’ in Sydney is starting to ease, there are so many events, shows and public speaking opportunities that were scheduled for our young community of speakers, which they will simply miss. Events such as the Inner West Eisteddfod and other public […]

How do Viva Voice online classes work?

Towards the end of term one we made the decision to move all classes online. Within a week, the government announced strict social distancing measures that meant we had to go online immediately, so we’re proud that our studio community had already prepared for this change. The response to online classes has been overwhelmingly positive, […]

Update: We’re going online from Monday 23 March

Dear Families, From Monday 23 March, all Viva Voice classes will be delivered online via Zoom. The teachers and I have been preparing for this possibility for some time and are ready to commence online class delivery. Many students have been involved in our trial online classes, for which we are incredibly grateful. Feedback has […]

International Women’s Day: How speech and drama helps girls grow into confident young women

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March. As such, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on how the skills gained in speech and drama can help young girls grow into confident young women. 1. They learn how to make themselves heard It is a natural habit of […]

What do we tell our students when their world changes so quickly?

Dear Families, At this time of year I usually send a welcome message and hope that everyone has enjoyed a restful, rejuvenating break. But the events of this summer mean many are settling into the new year with a heavy heart, confusion and sadness. Students in our community directly felt the impact of the tragedy […]

What is speech and drama, and how can it benefit my child?

At this time of year you will have had those conversations around the dinner table – will your child continue learning their musical instrument? Will they return to soccer again? How about trying a term or two of gymnastic? Or yoga? Jujitsu? Hip hop? The options for young people are endless! Especially in a thriving, […]

Congratulations to our 101 showcase performers!

Last Saturday, our 5th Annual Showcase was the biggest ever. A number of students performed for the first time and others returned to the limelight where they love to be!  The showcase is an opportunity to bring together students from Voice and Acting™ and Drama classes, as well as students who receive private coaching throughout […]

Where are they now?! With Kristen Irwin

As part of our 5th birthday celebrations, we’ve been reflecting on everyone who’s part of the Viva Voice community of speakers and performers.

First came Ashleigh Barty, now here comes Michael

A few years ago, a quiet young boy walked into the studio with his chin down and told his new classmates that his nickname was ‘Mickey Mouse’ – because he was as quiet as a mouse.

How to Ace HSC Drama

We’ve helped many students prepare monologues and group projects over the years, and we’ve identified some key strategies for nailing your performances and surviving the year. Amy Hume compiles all the best tips from teachers who’ve worked HSC Drama students at Viva Voice.

FAQ: What you need to know if your child is begging you to find them an agent

Amy Hume answers your most Frequently Asked Questions about getting an agent, so that you feel prepared to discuss the possibility with your child.

Congratulations to our Annual Showcase performers, 2018!

Saturday 3 November was a big day for the Viva Voice community as our students gathered for the Annual Showcase at Actors Centre in Leichhardt. This was the forth showcase, and by far the biggest one yet with over 95 students participating. Our Creative Director, Amy Hume, reflects on the magical evening.

Five Minutes with Viva students Rafqa, Hannah, Antonia and Anabel

In this interview, Viva students Rafqa (16), Antonia (12), Hannah (13) and Anabel (10) share their tips for combatting nerves, how speech and drama has helped them with their extra curricular activities, and show off their rap skills.

The winners of the Limerick Competition are…

By learning and working on poetry on a weekly basis you learn a thing or two about structure, rhythm and rhyme. We put Viva students to the test in Term 3 with our first ever Limerick Competition.

Five minutes with Viva student Estelle

In this interview, Viva student Estelle gives insight into how performing makes her feel, what she works on in her Voice and Acting™ class, and shares some examples of pieces she has worked on.

Five minutes with Viva students Anthony and Salina

In our first joint sibling interview, Anthony Sarcasmo Gerdes and Salina Sarcasmo Gerdes discuss their AMEB accreditations, how speech and drama has influenced their confidence, and give excellent advice for memorising pieces!

Is your bedti­me story cutting it?

This week on the blog Viva Voice teacher, Tricia Morosin, shares her experience and top tips for making bedtime stories fun (and educational!) for everyone.

Five minutes with Viva student Ella

Ella Nicholas has been an enthusiastic and treasured member of the Viva Voice community since she started attending Drama classes early 2017.

How to help your child practise speech and drama

Viva Voice teachers Isabel Dickson and Kelly Banek introduce a number of effective and efficient ways in which you can help your child practise speech and drama at home – both with you and independently!

Five minutes with Viva student Hanna

Hanna started coming to Drama classes in 2017 “when she was little three and big three”. Even though she was the smallest in her class, Hanna set a wonderful example of diving into the action and getting involved in every activity and performance!

How reading aloud can help build confidence, even for a child with reading difficulties

Reading aloud may be the secret ingredient you’re looking for to help your child break out of their shy shell. It’s a simple homework task that you already do every week, so how can you make the most of it and help your child build self-confidence? Isabel Dickson shares some top tips from the Viva Voice teachers that you can implement with your child at home.

Five Minutes with Viva student Michael

In this interview, Viva Voice student Michael gives insight into the effect Voice and Acting™ classes have had on his confidence, and how it benefits his professional sporting activities.

How to teach your child to combat nerves

How can you teach your child to control their nerves, rather than have their nerves control them? Our teachers Isabel Dickson and Amy Hume share their best teaching tips.

Five Minutes with Viva student Sophia

In this interview, Viva Voice student Sophia shares how her skills developed in Voice and Acting™ benefit her other extra-curricular activities, and gives memorable advice to news students.

Five minutes with Viva student Bella

In this interview, Viva Voice student Bella describes the skills she develops within her Voice and Acting™ classes, and how they help her when it comes to acting and making films.

Why drama education is important for school students

There’s so much on offer for children these days, it can be hard to choose the activities that are going to be most useful and enjoyable for them. But ask a self-assured and confident speaker what activity they are most grateful they did as a student, and they’ll tell you theatre, drama or some type of performance.

How to interest your child in debating, even if they hate public speaking

Every now and then a parent asks, ‘How can I get my child interested in debating?’ Most parents understand the benefits debating and want their child to be involved. So what can you do to spark their interest?

Congratulations to our Showcase performers!

How time flies! Exactly one month ago, on Sunday 29 October, parents and children battled their way through Norton Street’s Italian Festival to get to Actors Centre Australia, where Viva Voice held its 2017 Showcase! Drama Teacher Carissa Licciardello reports back from the big day.

Stand like a superhero!

One of the best ways to combat nerves is to stand tall, in an open, high power position – something that’s called a power pose. If you’re not sure what a power pose is, just think of how a superhero would stand!

Today is World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is a celebration of our favourite poets and poems, and reminds us of the wondrous importance poetry has in child development.

Why your child should join the debating team

Your child may have the opportunity to join the debating team at their school at the start of the year. It’s important to be on top of the benefits of debating, to ensure your child makes an informed decision about joining the debating team.

Why should your child attend a drama workshop?

Every holidays, a myriad of workshops and camps pop up, providing students with opportunities to extend their skills and talent outside of the school setting.

​Help Scarlett Waters and Moonchild reach liftoff

Viva Voice student Scarlett Waters is one-half of the creative team behind Moonchild that will play at ATYP in August 2016.

Congratulations, Bella! Finalist in the 2016 REELise Film Festival

Viva Voicer Bella Merlino has been selected as a Junior Finalist for her film Sticks and Stones in the 2016 REELise Film Festival!

Congratulations, Bella! Finalist in the My Story My Content Short Film Competition

Voice and Acting student Bella Merlino has created and made her own short film with her friend Millie, called Dreams and Nightmares.