Why should your child attend a drama workshop?

Why attend drama camp?

Every holidays, a myriad of workshops and camps pop up, providing students with opportunities to extend their skills and talent outside of the school setting.

​Our tutors recently sat down to answer a few common questions about Viva Voice’s drama workshops in Sydney’s inner west.

What’s different about a drama workshop?
In drama, you can become anyone. By becoming anyone, you learn to see things from a different perspective. Drama students are empathetic, and they form opinions and ideas around everyday concerns. Drama asks you to think critically, imaginatively and creatively. Students connect to their own thoughts and ideas, to the experiences of others, and to their audience. It is an active and experiential learning environment that is also heaps of fun! Students don’t always realise that in the various drama games and activities they are learning crucial collaboration and communication skills.

Do students work individually or in groups?
There is a strong emphasis on group work. Students work in their age groups to develop their performance skills by creating characters, stories, scenes and plays. They listen to each other’s ideas and have to accept different suggestions. If anyone says “no” to someone’s idea, it halts the process entirely. So students learn to accept ideas other than their own, to compromise and build on different suggestions. Their minds are opened to different ways of approaching a topic. They encourage each other to think outside the box.

What are the benefits of drama?
The benefits are endless. In every activity, whether it’s a warm up game or more intense scene-building exercise, students are developing their ability to verbally express their ideas and articulate their thoughts clearly. By developing their speaking and performance skills in this way, they build their self-confidence and self-expression. They learn the skills of listening, negotiating and communicating – essential to any learning environment, and vital to their professional lives when they grow up!

What makes Viva Voice drama camps stand out?
Our workshops focus on the craft of performance and presentation, rather than the product. We try not to focus on the final performance, but rather on developing skills through a range of activities. A lot of learning happens in the in-between moments in the week. On the final day, students share highlights of the week and the culmination of a learning experience. Viva Voice’s drama workshops are jam-packed with activities that develop foundational performance and communication skills that will stay with kids for life.

Plus, the Viva Voice tutors are pretty great 🙂