Stand like a superhero!

This week, we’re teaching the Viva Voice students to stand like a superhero.

Can you guess why?

One of the best ways to combat nerves is to stand tall, in an open, high power position – something that’s called a power pose. If you’re not sure what a power pose is, just think of how a superhero would stand!

Standing like this for even two minutes can change your mood and help you feel less nervous and more confident.

As the Viva Voice students prepare for public speaking competitions, performances and speech exams, some of them are experiencing nerves.

It’s a normal human response to feel nervous or a bit anxious.

Standing like a superhero reminds the students to have alignment in their spines, be centred on their feet, have their chin up and eyes towards the audience.

This balanced posture helps to ensure the diaphragm is moving and their breath is centred, which is another key part of overcoming nerves.

Standing in an open, expansive way also conveys comfort and self-assurance to an audience.

The most critical group of students to be working with on this are students in Years 5 – 8. At this age, the students are experiencing all sorts of changes, and can start to carry themselves differently.

It’s been interesting talking about physical stance with the students – about how it affects them and how they feel in front of a group, and how it comes across to an audience.

It was wonderful teaching a “superheroes” themed workshop last holidays. I hope our young superheroes keep expanding and standing tall for many years to come!

I invite you to join us on our quest to stand tall and feel more confident.

Next time you have to present at a meeting or speak up at work, give yourself the reminder to stand like a superhero.

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