Five minutes with Viva student Ella

“I’ve always loved acting and being creative in as many ways as I can be.”

Ella Nicholas has been an enthusiastic and treasured member of the Viva Voice community since she started attending Drama classes early 2017.

Ella’s an all-round creative person; not only is she an actor, but she also delves into drawing and creative writing. This year she wrote her own short play and brought it into class for a table read!

At the 2017 Showcase staged at The Actor’s Centre she performed in a hilarious group play with her class. It was based on Masterchef, and Ella played a judge! We look forward to seeing what she cooks up with her classmates at this year’s Showcase.

This is the sixth in a series of interviews with Viva students.

Can’t watch the interview right now? You can read the full transcript below.

Hi, my name is Ella and I’m 12 years old. I started coming to Viva Voice last year at the beginning of Term 1, and I really love the experience that I’ve had in the drama classes that I take part in on Tuesday.

I started doing drama when I was in Kindergarten, and now I’m here!

We learn how to improvise and play different games for when we do things like monologues and other parts of plays, and things like that. I really love the experience that I get, and it’s really good when other people help you, and when you help them,

I love doing the improvising games, it makes me really happy and I just love playing them with my teacher and friends in the drama classes.

I’ve always loved acting and being creative in as many possible ways as I can be.

It was a really fun experience doing the Showcase last year, I really liked doing our piece from Masterchef. It was really good because I got to be the judge and say all the food was really bad, and then I got to watch all the other pieces and they were really good.

I really liked being in the theatre on the stage because everyone’s watching you. I feel lots of joy when I’m performing and it just feels really fun with everyone else beside me in the theatre.

Before I go on stage I do get nervous, but when I start to do my lines and everyone else is doing it with me, excitement takes over my nerves.

I would give [nervous actors] advice to practise their lines in their head, and breathe in and out, and ask your friends to help you remember your lines and help you on stage so you can feel better.

Goals I would set for myself in drama is to perform more on stage, or in front of other people, and help others with their drama, and stuff like that.

It’s time for…rapid fire questions!

Roald Dahl or J.K. Rowling?
Roald Dahl.

Book or Films?
Definitely books.

Favourite book?
The Warriors Series by Erin Hunter.

Musicals or Plays?

Caramel or chocolate?