Five minutes with Viva student Estelle

“I love performing on stage with my friends and teachers seeing.”

In this interview, Viva student Estelle gives insight into how performing makes her feel, what she works on in her Voice and Acting™ class, and shares some examples of pieces she has worked on.

Estelle is one of our youngest students. She has a natural knack for performing – her excellent expression and loud, clear voice captivate her audience at eisteddfods, showcases and in class.

Only six years old, she has completed six AMEB exams total in piano, violin and drama. This year she received an A+ in her first AMEB Drama and Performance exam!

This is the eighth in a series of interviews with Viva students.

Can’t watch the interview right now? You can read the full transcript below.

My name is Estelle Gilmovich and I’m six and a half years old. I started coming when I was five years old and when I was in Kindy.

I love to come to Viva Voice every week because I get to see my friends and do lots of poems. When I get to class, I get to do tongue twisters and word of the week. “Perplexed”. I love watching my friends perform, because it makes me so happy. I think we should go to speech and drama every week because we’ll see each other and be friends and learn lots of more poems.

I love performing on stage with my friends and teachers seeing. When I perform in front of my mum I’m so excited. When I always go and perform for my brother he always copies me. Little brother knows all of my poems!

“I’ve never heard that sound before, Fe Fi Fo Fum, oh where can I hide, the giant’s come.”

I always practice in the car and all the way to school. I had fun doing my eisteddfod this, the year. I got twice highly commended. I’m excited to go to the showcase again.

I got an A plus in my AMEB exam. It makes me so excited! I did a mime about when I lost my first tooth and a tooth fairy came, a visitor. Ah, uh, it’s, it has … the back tooth has covered it now so I only have three.

It’s time for…rapid fire facial expressions!

Sad face
Grumpy face
Excited face
Milkshake face

I hope you enjoyed listening to me!