The winners of the Limerick Competition are…

By learning and working on poetry on a weekly basis you learn a thing or two about structure, rhythm and rhyme. We put Viva students to the test in Term 3 with our first ever Limerick Competition. Students were invited to submit their original limerick throughout term, keeping in mind the key elements that make up the quirky poem:

  1. They are five lines long
  2. Lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme with one another
  3. Lines 3 and 4 rhyme with each other
  4. They have a distinctive rhythm
  5. They are funny!

Please begin the drumroll…

Without further adieu, we’d like to announce the Top 5 Limericks by Viva Voice students in Term 3:

There once was a robot named Jane
Who somehow got caught in the rain

She started to rust
Her gears turned to dust
She’d never been in so much pain.
– Antonia T

There was an old chicken named Bob
His friend was a rabbit named Rob
But Rob tried to fly
And crashed with a cry
Now Bob is starting to sob.
– Belle D

There was a young girl named Heather
Her skin was made of leather
Her mum was a cow
We don’t quite know how
Her Dad and Mum got together.
– Heather G

“Open Wide” said a guy named Bert
To a shark whose back teeth hurt

“When I finish the drilling
I’ll give you a filling”
He did and the filling was Bert.
– Michael T

There once was a girl who read books
It changed her beautiful looks
She used to have hair
But now her head’s bare
So instead of reading she cooks.
– Noa B

Congratulations to these students, and well done to everyone who submitted a poem. You sure had us teachers in stitches!