Five Minutes with Viva students Rafqa, Hannah, Antonia and Anabel

“I feel like I can work with different types of people and be confident in myself and what I have to say.”

In this interview, Viva students Rafqa (16), Antonia (12), Hannah (13) and Anabel (10) share their tips for combatting nerves, how speech and drama has helped them with their extra curricular activities, and show off their rap skills.

The sisters and cousins describe how the skills and experience gained in class will benefit their current career choices, which include working in security for Google, studying at Juilliard and subsequently scoring films, working in international law, and being on Masterchef!

This is the ninth in a series of interviews with Viva students.

Can’t watch the interview right now? You can read the full transcript below.

Rafqa: They pull up in their carriages and gawk at the students in the common just to watch them talk. Take Philip Schuyler,  the man is loaded. Uh-oh.

Hannah: Take Philip Schuyler, the man is loaded. Uh-oh.

Rafqa: But little does he know that his daughters, Peggy, Angelica, Eliza, sneak into the city just to watch all the guys at …

Hannah: Work.

Antonia: And work. Angelica.

Rafqa: Work, work.

Annabel: Eliza.

Hannah: And Peggy. I’m Hannah and I’m 13 years old.

Annabel: I’m Annabel and I’m ten years old.

Rafqa: I’m Rafqa and I’m 16 years old.

Antonia: I’m Antonia and I’m 12 years old.

Rafqa: So, okay, we’re sisters, our mum is sisters with their mum. And my dad, his nephew is their dad. So, on our dad’s side, these guys are our second cousins, and on our mum’s side, we’re first cousins. We started out all going to the same class, but I grew up and wasn’t cool enough to be in their class anymore, so I left them. And now, they’re still together, so that’s pretty cool.

Rafqa: I think being in age specific classes has helped all of us hone in on our skills, so instead of focusing on something to difficult or too easy, we’re able to actually get into what’s good, and better ourselves.

Antonia: We’re all obsessed with Hamilton, this American musical about the guy called Hamilton.

All: Guns and ships, and so the balance shifts, they rendezvous with Rochambeau, consolidate their gifts. We can end this war at Yorktown, cut them off at sea, but for this to succeed, there is someone else we need.

Rafqa: I know.

All: Hamilton.

Antonia: When I grow up, I want to try and get into Julliard, which is a music and drama performance college, and I want to do the violin and music, and I want to try and get into playing music for movies.

Rafqa: At school, I’m an SRC captain, so that means I have to speak to big cohorts of people a lot of the time. So, I might go to different house meetings and speak to about 120 to 150 people, or I might have to give a speech at assembly in front of 800 people. And, at first, it can seem daunting and I feel like if I didn’t have the experience and skills that I gained from speech and drama, I wouldn’t be as confident being myself and speaking in front of people, but because I have learned skills and I have been coming to speech and drama, I feel a lot more confident and comfortable on stage and speaking in front of people.

Hannah: Speech and drama has also helped my impromptu speaking, especially in debating. When you do debating, you need to have impromptu skills because you need to stand on the spot and speak for about four minutes, four to five minutes. I’d always think of the worst case scenarios, but after, now I’m at speech and drama, it’s helped me calm down and think-

Antonia: Because you’re used to it.

Hannah: Yeah, exactly. Now, I’m used to performing. They’ve given me opportunities to experience what it’s like on stage in front of a large crowd.

Antonia: The advice I’d give to someone is that, don’t worry about what other people think when you’re on stage. They have their own problems to deal with. Also, don’t try and imagine everyone with underpants on.

Hannah: I was going to say that.

Antonia: Because it doesn’t work. It just makes you more uncomfortable.

Hannah: Yeah, don’t do that.

Rafqa: I love Viva Voice! Amy and everyone who works here are so motivating and help you feel so comfortable and confident in your own skin, and that is such an important thing, so I just want to say thank you to Viva Voice for always being there and being awesome.