Congratulations to our 101 showcase performers!

Last Saturday, our 5th Annual Showcase was the biggest ever. A number of students performed for the first time and others returned to the limelight where they love to be! 

The showcase is an opportunity to bring together students from Voice and Acting™ and Drama classes, as well as students who receive private coaching throughout the year, and celebrate their growth and achievements. Being on stage means something different to every Viva student, and we’re so proud of all of them.

As I mentioned at the showcase, I’ve taken a backseat at the studio this year as my work in theatre and TV became more demanding. Such is the nature of the arts industry – opportunities come and go, and colleagues lift and support you when incredible gigs come your way. That’s exactly what the wonderful team of teachers have done at Viva this year.

Thank you to our incredible team of teachers – Jasmin, Shelley, Trish and Monique – who are committed to the students and keep the magic happening at the studio.

Each of them have also juggled fantastic opportunities – Monique continuing her law degree, Trish producing, writing and starring in the second season of her award-winning web-series THIRTY, Shelley’s all-female production of Romeo and Juliet with her theatre company SheShakespeare, and some of you may have seen Jasmin’s recent KFC commercial.

Congratulations to the recipients of the Viva Voice Spirit Awards!

It is very much the philosophy and ethos of the studio that all students receive recognition and acknowledgement of their personal growth and development. That said, we appreciate how challenging it is for some students in particular to be a part of events like the showcase.

Last year we created the Spirit Awards to recognise students who continually step outside their comfort zone, even if it’s the hardest thing for them to do.  The Spirit Award acknowledges the huge growth a student demonstrates by taking up opportunities as they come, even when it feels scary or challenging. We considered a number of students who’ve been at the studio for at least a year and have two junior and two senior recipients of 2019 Viva Voice Spirit Awards:

Junior Spirit Award 2019: Evan A and Zara M

Senior Spirit Awards 2019: Jessie T and Evie M

I hope many other students feel inspired by the courage and personal growth demonstrated by Evan, Zara, Jessie and Evie.

Congratulations to our inaugural Outstanding Performers!

This year we also acknowledged two outstanding performers, whose talent and skill on stage have shone through at eisteddfods, school productions and in exams.

Outstanding Junior Performer 2019: Lara L

Outstanding Senior Performer 2019: Lachlan M

Joan Hume Memorial Award 2019

Congratulations to Lili J who was the 2019 recipient of this prestigious award.

The Joan Hume Memorial Award is for a student who demonstrates commitment to speech and drama, and to using their voice for advocacy and leadership.

Lili is a much-admired member of our community, a wonderful role model for younger students, passionate performer and also holds strong interest in social justice and the community.

Special congratulations to the students who have been at Viva Voice for five years!

In celebration of Viva’s fifth year, we wanted to acknowledge the students who have been with us from the start.

For many of these students, their speech and drama journeys actually began even earlier than five years ago – some were private students of mine at a local school, others came to speech lessons with me at the kitchen table at my parents’ house! All of these students have stayed in classes consistently, without taking a term off here or there, and their incredible skill shone through in their performances on Saturday. We applaud their commitment to speech and drama!

Five Year Achievement Awards 2019:

Rory G, Tom J, Lili J, Will T, Rafqa T, Hannah T, Antonia T, Anabel T, Mims C, Lukas Y, Lachlan M, Monica O, Scarlett W and Bella M

And most importantly, congratulations to every single showcase performer!

Every student who graced the stage on Saturday did a superb job. The showcase has been a popular topic of conversation in classes this week with lots of comments about what the performers loved, what was most challenging, and what they’d do differently next time. We look forward to sharing some of their reflections with you.

Thank you to the wonderful audience who joined us for the special night. It really was magical, and we were thrilled to share the evening with you.