Update: We’re going online from Monday 23 March

Dear Families,

From Monday 23 March, all Viva Voice classes will be delivered online via Zoom.

The teachers and I have been preparing for this possibility for some time and are ready to commence online class delivery. Many students have been involved in our trial online classes, for which we are incredibly grateful. Feedback has been extremely positive from students and parents.

Why from Monday?
There has, for some time, been the possibility that we’d have to go online overnight. Rather than asking our students to race to download Zoom with little time to comprehend the idea of online learning, we’d rather move proactively and let students know that classes will be online from a certain date.

Classes continue as normal at the studio for the remainder of this week.

Why not sooner?
We are fortunate that Viva Voice classes are small and we are working in a controlled environment. Both of these factors allow us to operate a hygienic and clean space. Of course, we completely understand those who have made the decision to keep children away from extra-curricular activities this week and hope we can better serve our full student body by moving to remote learning.

Have the term dates changed?
No. We will stick to previously advised term dates and finish classes on Thursday 9 April.

Same time, not the same place
Class times and groups will remain the same. It will be just like a regular class, only your child attends remotely from home via Zoom.

Is attendance compulsory?
Like any class, attendance is at your discretion, but we certainly hope as many students as possible can join their weekly class online.

How will it work?
Please read our Zoom instructions carefully and contact Nadda via email if you need any assistance. Nadda will be working from home, so email is preferred contact.

A word of reassurance
Whilst remote learning will be different to face-to-face classes, we are confident in our preparation for online class delivery. It will be an adjustment for everyone and there will be challenges that arise, but if everyone has a little patience, we’ll work it out and make it rock for our students.

Also, now’s a good time to mention that Viva Voice has offered online coaching for a number of years – to students in remote Queensland who wanted to learn speech and drama; to families in Wollongong who’d heard about the studio through my corporate work; and to students who moved away from Sydney and continued lessons online. I’ve never promoted this service, as my priority has always been to create a community of learners at the studio, however it’s something that we’re equipped for and have experience with, and we’ve seen excellent results so far.

So buckle up, we’re in for a ride – and with any luck, it’ll be a smooth road ahead with some wonderful sites to see!