Our very special online Term 3 Recital!

This term, students have been learning about everything from communication skills to public speaking, plus presenting to camera and creating commercials.

Our Term 3 curriculum was re-imagined this year as we contemplated what the focus areas needed to be after emerging from a period of learning at home in Term 2.

Teachers noticed some students returned to the studio with a bit of nervousness around eye contact, and a hesitancy to speak to other adults (a couple of months at home in your comfort zone could do that to anyone!).

Communication skills became a theme for our youngest Voice and Acting™ students, with topics including:

  • Meeting someone new
  • The art of conversation
  • Listening and asking questions
  • Describing skills
  • How to make a good first impression
  • Vocal and facial expression
  • Using poetry to refine speaking skills

Drama students LOVED the camera skills they learnt during online classes, so we encouraged them to create their own commercials and infomercials, learning about:

  • Script writing
  • Performing to camera
  • Running a set
  • Directing their own videos
  • Calling the audience into action

And they created some hilarious commercials in the process!

Senior Voice and Acting™ students constantly take us by surprise with their knowledge about world issues and their unnerving passion for change. They are informed, inspired and motivated young members of the community with creative, radical ideas for change.

We challenged students to channel that passion and knowledge into speech writing, which has allowed them to explore:

  • Speech writing for different presentation settings
  • Structuring an argument
  • Presenting for camera
  • Backing up ideas with facts and trustworthy resources
  • Engaging in debate
  • Captivating an audience
  • Inspiring an audience into taking action

Throughout the term, students have built a connection with our new friends at Fable Street Studio in Mumbai, India. They’ve exchanged videos about life in lockdown, what they like to perform and what they love most about speech and drama. It has been a lively intercultural exchange – brought about due to the unique situation we find ourselves living through at this time in the world.

The students’ learning will be on display in our very special online Term 3 Recital, which will go live right here on this page at 6pm on Wednesday 23 September. 

First up, view the trailer!

And now, a welcome message!

Enjoy the show!