Clarity and articulation for performance and public speaking

Viva Voice signature Voice and Acting™ classes will give your child the confidence to speak with ease every day, preparing them for high pressure situations.

As a Voice and Acting™ student, your child will learn to express themselves and their ideas clearly, coming across to their audience as articulate and insightful.

All speech and drama classes support the social and academic growth of any student by developing self-confidence and self-expression, but Voice and Acting™ classes take this philosophy a step further. The focus is on developing the voice for performance and public speaking.

Students work on clarity and articulation, accents, poetry, prose readings, group drama, impromptu speeches, improvisation and debating.

Now’s the time to set your child on a successful pathway for school life and beyond.

School scholarship applications

One important factor can make or break a scholarship application – the interview.

Private school Heads say interviews have a huge impact on successful scholarship applications, and it’s often clear when a student has been coached specifically for the interview.

A more authentic approach is to ensure your child already has the right skills, and doesn’t require stressful, last minute coaching. Voice and Acting™ Classes are a fun way to ensure your child is prepared for any interview situation.

“The team at Viva Voice are absolutely amazing. Ilaria has found her passion for performing and her confidence has increased with every opportunity.”

Lorella, parent of Viva Voice student Ilaria