It’s important for young performers to appear relaxed and at ease in auditions, without looking like they’ve been trained or coached through their preparation.

Our teachers are well-equipped to support and guide students towards auditions for theatre, film and TV auditions, in a way that brings their qualities to light and puts their best foot forward.

Whether your child is looking for help with filming a self-test, need accent coaching, or just someone to help them understand what to expect throughout the audition process, our tutors can help.

Young performers can elect to have ongoing audition coaching if they want to develop audition skills holistically or they can come in for one-off sessions ahead of auditions

We can take last-minute bookings granted there’s availability but strongly encourage students to book in as early as possible to help ensure availability of a session.

Audition coaching is available during school hours for students who receive late notice about an audition date and need urgent assistance.

“I was introduced to Viva Voice when I was developing my accent skills but I realised very quickly they offer so much more. Amy has helped enormously with interpreting scripts and finding a deeper connection with a character. She goes to great lengths to create a collaborative studio environment that helps give an actor an edge in the audition process. After sessions at Viva Voice, I always feel a greater sense of connectedness to my character and extra confident going into an audition.”

Asha Boswarva, Actor, 17