Want to smash your HSC drama?

There’s no need to stress about your Individual Project or your group project – we’re here to help.

Our HSC Drama tutors are available for private sessions to help you source a monologue, edit your text, or develop one from scratch. We can also help you develop the vocal and physical life of your character, work on stagecraft and sharpen your performance.

Feeling overwhelmed by the Group Project? This is actually an exciting opportunity to create your very own piece of theatre, and a Viva Voice group coaching session will help to get started, introduce you to successful approaches to making a group-devised work, and give you industry tips on how to work best (and avoid the pitfalls) as a creative team.

Best availability is on Sundays and during school holidays. We recommend booking early to secure your preferred coaching time.

“I love coming to Viva Voice. The teacher’s dedication and creative approach to teaching has inspired me and given me confidence to follow my passion. I’ve learned so much about how to approach a script, develop good technique and connect to my work in an emotional and truthful way. You can’t help learning when you’re having so much fun. I always look forward to my next visit.”

Rebecca Burchett, Actor, 17