Drama: (Fake) Reality TV

Dream of being a reality TV star? Probably not. Reckon you could act like one? 

Your invited to step into an imaginary world of behind-the-scenes reality TV. Create a concept, pitch it to the network, then create the characters you’d want to see cast in your own reality TV show. It might be Masterchef meets Survivor, or Shark Tank meets Real Housewives. You get to decide!

You’ll film your own scenes, imagine the scuffles and vlog your diary entries to edit into your own behind-the-scenes mini-movie of your version of reality TV land. 

Learn what it takes to pull a TV show together, pick up tips and tricks about writing, filming and editing, and get to know the action that happens on both sides of the camera!

Parents, this workshop is ideal for students who are keen to take the creative process into their own hands. They’ll develop skills in drama, performance, collaboration, production planning and design, filming and editing. This workshop is designed for high school students curious about how much is possible on their own device – particularly if they’re eyeing off a filmmaking project for HSC Drama down the track. This workshop is recommended for current students ready to apply performance skills to movie-making, as well as students who are showing interest in working behind the scenes.

The Itty-Bitty Bits:

  • Friday 18 December, 10am – 3pm
  • Bring morning tea, lunch and water bottle
  • Creative Kids vouchers accepted
  • Viva Voice: 1/282 Great North Rd, Wareemba
Date: Friday 18 December
Time: 10am - 3pm
Who: High School: Year 7 - 10

Registration $59
Current students $39