Speaking Skills: Advanced Debating

The ability to capture an audience’s attention, hold their focus and keep them engaged is an admirable skill in a young person, and one way to hone that skill is in debating. 

Advance your debating skills by coming together with other high-school debaters in this specialised workshop. Explore strategies for preparing and presenting a case with conviction, techniques for drawing on credible sources, and tools for rebuttal and impromptu speaking. 

You’ll engage in a debate with limited planning time and receive individual feedback on matter, method and manner, as well as resources on persuasive speaking, techniques for rebuttal and references for accessing news and current affairs.

Parents, this workshop is ideal for students who are ready to extend their skills in case-preparation, delivery, and rebuttal. It furthers the speaking skills introduced to students in weekly Voice and Acting classes. Special focus will be given to clarity of speech, volume and vocal dynamics relevant to debating. This workshop is recommended for senior students in weekly Voice and Acting™ classes.

The Itty-Bitty Bits:

  • Wednesday 20 January, 10am – 3pm 
  • Bring morning tea, lunch and water bottle
  • Creative Kids vouchers accepted
  • Viva Voice: 1/282 Great North Rd, Wareemba
Date: Wednesday 20 January
Time: 10am - 3pm
Who: High School: Year 7 - 10

Registration $59
Current students $39